Qualunque petto amor d'Italia accende. [Giacomo Leopardi]

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Tourist reception a journey to discover Italy!

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reggio emilia

“A village means not being alone, knowing that in people, in plants in the land there’s something that still waiting for you, even when you are not there.”

[CESARE PAVESE, La luna e i falò, 1941]


From these plants, from this land, from these people (that are our people) we define the basis of our activities of tourist reception.

Hotel reservations in the historic cities of Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto, transport services for all journeys, specialized guides for each destination; this and everything you need for your sojourn, mixed to the bond that unites us to our traditions and that encourages us to get involved and share that with you so that you may feel right "at home".